What I make, what I create, is important to me because of why I make it.

For longer than I care to admit, I have denied myself the respect and dignity of recognizing what I wanted to give and communicate through my art: love, hope and beauty. Instead, I would toss and turn between making what was popular or what would sell, or what others would recommend me to make.

I had refused to give myself permission to examine what makes me come alive in the creative process and was living a half-hearted creative life unawares.

It was in the midst of manufacturing pieces for an upcoming show that I had stumbled onto mediums that would ignite my artist voice—mediums representing color, diverse palettes, texture, brilliance and radiance that I had been denying myself access to because I had stunted the communication between my heart and my work. Believe it or not this magnificent shift has only been so recent.

My heart speaks to my art. My hope is that my art speaks to you. And I am excited you are with me on this renaissance journey.